Smoking Legal Marijuana For The Very-First Time In Canada

We waited for 5 hours to live this historic moment in Canada. We got REALLY High… Legally… On Government Weed. Whoa, I’m hungry. Music by DJ QUADS …


  1. Suicide is better than marijuana in my opinion, so ashamed to be Canadian. I'll happily go to hell instead of staying in this shit hole run by a complete fucking pussy priminister. And I'm not the only Canadian who thinks like this.

  2. So so so sad to see. As a former pot user who completely quit in april 1991 (never went back, not even once – thanks to rehab) – who realised that all this time wasted would never come back, I regret all these 15 years getting high so much. I wish I never did any of it.

  3. Good old Canada, always ahead of other nations around the world! Unfortunately, here in Brazil, people still associate marijuana with other heavy drugs, and with the asshole of Bolsonaro as our president, we won't see any progress coming for at least the next 4 years. Brazil is becoming the Bible Belt of Latin America, this country is going backwards like you wouldn't believe. I'm glad Uruguay, where weed is also legal, is close to the country, I'll probably move there soon.

  4. The Govt makes more for 2 grams of weeds than selling a barrel of Canadian Crude Oil today. MCD [Making Canada Dopes]. Where's the emoji when ya need one! Canadians – smart, educated & intelligent – the power of the dollar; never mind – it's up in a toxic smoke.

  5. man its kinda sad to see how much plastic they are using, maybe in the future they start using some kind of paper/cardboard or reuseable container. I hope they legalize weed in mexico next!

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