Should Doctors Have Tattoos? | Responding to Your Comments #9 | Doctor Mike

We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell …


  1. Yesssssssss finally doctor that said that popping vitamins just in case is not something he goes for

    Indication indication indication!

    So if you don’t sleep at night because you stay up until 2 am watching dr Mike and need to wake up at 7am yes your sleep cycle will be messed up. Then you shouldn’t take melatonin (a supplement that you can take for sleep), try not watching YouTube until 2 am. But if you work nights shifts and then sometimes day shifts your body gets confused. You can look into supplements. That’s an indication

  2. I saw a LCSW for a while so I could talk about something traumatic I went through. Because of my trauma it’s extremely difficult to trust people. I talked to her mostly about stuff that was happening recently and how those events made me feel. Trying to trust her more slowly. When we went to go to court, my sessions didn’t help my case, so my parents pulled me out and I haven’t talked to anyone sense. It’s been roughly 2 years since the traumatic event and my PTSD (diagnosed by a psychiatrist, I tried meds but they made me feel like a zombie, like I’m isolated) is still very relevant and affects my studies. Can you please make a video on PTSD and the misconceptions of how victims all have the exact same symptoms? A lot of people also don’t realize how hard it it to deal with PTSD and most that I encounter will say it’s not a real thing.

  3. Did you know that it’s hard to diagnose ADHD (attention difficulty hyper disorder) but you probably already knew. Also fact about me I have really bad ADHD. Question: is it fine to take four prescription medication if you have ADHD?

  4. Dear doctor mike if there are more doctors on YT why not collab with one of them and creat something medical and enternaining. i like to learn about medicine. ^^

  5. My family is pretty conservative, so as a general rule, we don't do tats. My wife has one though. For good reason. It's on the right wrist, a replica for a type 1 diabetic medic alert bracelet.

  6. 4:52,
    I know it's definitely possible to wake up while under anesthesia, and I may have a little bit of an idea of patterns. both my mother and my grandmother have woken up during surgery of some kind, with my mom's being just a dental surgery, but my grandmas being a lot more major. my thought is it could be because of some family genetic, or something about being a redhead. if I had ever had anesthesia, I may be able to add to this, as I am blonde, but as well as waking up, my mom has a distinct memory of counting down from ten, counting back up again, and back down before passing out. I hope this is helpful in some way, and I know this video is somewhat old, but I'm still interested

  7. Please, PLEASE stop calling penises “male genitalia”. It’s transphobic terminology and really hurts people like me who are trans males/trans-non-binary, and don’t have penises, and trans women/trans non-binary people who do have penises.

  8. If my patients (if I had them) have a problem with tattoos at all, even on the face or the neck (if they’re not messed up like a swastika or something), they can find a new doctor. Mine aren’t offensive in the slightest unless you’re unreasonably judgmental, and then you’d just be judging based on the fact that I have tattoos, in which case, I don’t want to be around you.

  9. My friend had a surgery on his stomachs once and they couldn’t put him under, but they could put him on pain meds. So they told him to not look up, because if he threw up things could go wrong. Well during the surgery he looked up! And his mom, who was in the room, said later that he looked up, saw his open stomach, and immediately passed out. Which his mom said that the doctor, out loud, during the surgery, “well that was easy”

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