Seizure Or Murder: Is Sandra Melgar Guilty?

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  1. Just because she wasn't having seizures doesn't mean one wouldn't trigger.

    Hello? "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down." Nothing was amiss until her first seizure. People don't walk around LOOKING like they suffer from seizures. Ffs.

  2. What the hell. The justice system is absolutely fucked. You’ve shared so many cases where the man is so obviously guilty yet they don’t get charged. Like that one where the dad takes his sons on a camping trip at 12am in the winter and then his wife is found dead. Like seriously ?? I feel so sorry for that woman. Do they even have any history as to WHY she would want to kill him?? Atleast in this video you don’t talk about a bad relationship, he literally helped her live because of her illnesses.

  3. We were close to the Melgars and your statement that they were "really really close" is not true. Sandra resented Jaime having a close relationship with his mother and his family. Sandra and her daughter were very mean to him. We went on vacations together and saw first hand how mean they were. I don't understand why you are making such comments defending them maybe you are being manipulated by her attorneys or someone else who is trying to defend her but if you saw what happened in trial you would have your doubts about who truly killed Jaime. If feel that you should investigate these cases first instead of making broad statements saying things you heard and not what actually happened. When your husband dies (is murdered) you would not get rid of his clothes the next day and that's what she did, she collected his life insurance policy and went on vacation to Europe. I am not trying to offend you in no way whatsoever however I knew Jaime and he was an excellent friend and a good son.

  4. this man cared about her so much and took care of her why would she ever do this to him for no reason there’s so much more evidence saying she didn’t do it rather than she did this is not okay she is innocent

  5. I really like the addition of interrogation clips in your videos, Kendall!
    also: I just finished the video and this is seriously fucked up. To that juror…humane my ass. These people just seemed jealous that they had such a beautiful relationship and family

  6. Stealing takes time, moving big objects like TVs takes time, strength, and at least 2 people. I can see why not everything would have been stolen. Maybe they thought they heard a noise and fled quickly.

  7. Sorry, I’m probably going to be attacked, but people are over here trying to free Steven Avery when there is actual physical DNA evidence. While this woman sits in prison because the prosecutors make up deviant sexual theories? WHAT

  8. No recent seizures, but if she were hit in the head does that really make a difference? Could surely induce a seizure. Also I can’t get over how she had no wounds or blood on her given the attack was so incredibly brutal and there was a struggle. Also, really who would lie there and defecate on themselves if they had hours before family was coming over? It could have been a robbery gone wrong, someone panicked, the husband fought and lost his life while the wife was tied up. In a hurry they just grabbed some random things and got out as fast as possible.

  9. The jury foreman said it himself. The prosecution made sense but they didn’t prove it. Isn’t that reasonable doubt?? I think there is a killer walking around out there free…

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