1. best of luck to you , same thing happened with smoking marijuana and now currently diagnosed with bipolar psychosis wanting to try CBD pens for my disorder and hopefully I get the opportunity

  2. You guys have to be careful mixing CBD and prescriptions. I read somewhere online that CBD sometimes does something to (some) prescriptions and it can compound the antipsychotics. This can give you an overdoes of your prescription. You can try googling it, but it can apparently be dangerous.

  3. we co-evolved with cannabis. to take it away from us, rips half of our symbiosis away, causing many ailments and imbalances. much praise for the herb. great relief. i tried doing 1.5g CBD isolate per day for a couple weeks (yeah, expensive, couldnt keep that up). and it is AMAZING. feels like full reset back to me. my health's moved on FAR. 🙂 i'm trying to learn more about the other terpenes and cannabinoids. big doses of CBD let me be ok with any amounts of THC i'm likely to encounter (which is good because THC has benefits i'd like access to too). amen, clarity & wellbeing! 🙂

  4. THC is proven to cause accute forms of schizophrenia cbd is a antipsychotic, since thc rises dopamine which people with schizophrenia usually have high doses of in their brain anyways it can cause your paranoia to worsen.

  5. I had my first psychotic episode three days ago! I have been to scared to go out the house to scared the doctors will pump me with drugs and I will be stuck Inside this nightmare forever! I haven’t slept properly since and this fuzzy cloud and fear is still hanging over me! I’ve just sent my partner to get me some CBD oil not knowing if it will do a thing. But I am crying at the thought I might come out this dream! Thank you for sharing your story I feel there may be some hope for me 😥

  6. i take 1.25 mg olanzapine and just recently started taking 6.4 mg cbd oil. I'm on a very small dose of olanzapine, hoping the cbd helps me come off olanzapine altogether. thank you the video, some hope there with cbd oil it seems

  7. Hello, I'm a sufferer of schizophrenia i from Israel and suffers mainly from negative symptoms. Taking the pills. How do I know what cbd to take and where do I invite/buy to Israel and how do I know it is 100 percent cbd and if is good sory abut my englise?

  8. I have schitzoaffective disorder being that of schizophrenia and mood swings. Like bipolar. I have bought some cbd oil and found it very calming when taken. Is it addictive do you know?

  9. cbd dont work for every one i have chronic anxiety only thing that helps is thc.i tried smoking high cbd strains 3 diff strains all 3 made my anxiety worse so honestly cbd i dont belive has the curing agents they say

  10. Is it good the cbd like the antipsychotics or it has less good effects like the antipsychotics??? I want to take a 1:1 strain thc cbd so to dont take the drugs but i dont know if it has a result the 1:1 or the pure cbd

  11. @MagyckMarverick
    I’m really interested in your story about changing your medication to CBD oil. My son (23) is suffering with schizophrenia really badly. He was on monthly injection for three years and came off withou whining down much and 6 month later he had to be hospitalised again. He got discharged about a month ago after 6 weeks in hospital. But his delusions are getting worse. His cognitive ability is getting worse too. But he has to be on medication. Its involuntary. So you did not take cbd oil when you were on antipsychotic medication?

  12. One thing to realise is that all government organisations are allowed via Freedom of Information about us between them, from NHS to Police to County Council etc. sometimes i think they exploit that feature too much. It does help for them to share information at times as long as it is for the common good. Sometimes, all we expect from Service Providers is a basic respectful response and when we don't get that we become suspect. Of course the poor service makes you suspect their motives. I had similar problems today being referred to a service but if i see when i meet them that they are caring and rational human beings i will be less suspect of the NHS.

  13. I don't trust The Police, County Council, Housing Association, NHS and Lawyers because basically they don't help me or ignore me. If these organisations don't help you, you are stuck and in poverty. I don't want to explain the problems, what they are doing is not breaking the law, so i cannot complain to my solicitor or the police. My council tax is always wrong which affects my rent, i asked my housing association to help me move because of consistent noise problems but what you get is "pass the buck" diffusion of responsibility or plausable deniability. At the moment i am hoping to get some help from the NHS Mental Health Provision Talking Matters but everything seems to cock up, it feels like they are taking me for a ride, they offer CBT and EMDR and things like that.

  14. Cannabis plant goes for the whole nest, pain, stress, anxiety, seizures, you name it. No wonder they hate it, it's a direct threat to their pharmaceutical assets. Keep strong bud we'll fight this together!

  15. Thanks for posting! I have shizoeffectove bipolar disorder with a side of PTSD and nerve damage. 😐 I have been considering getting CBD oil to try to manage some of my symptoms. I've been prescribed SO MANY medications that have terrible side affects, which has pushed me to wanting CBD.

    About the marijuana… Perhaps, you should try to get legal, medical marijuana? The THC is what can make people anxious or trigger psychosis, but also gives you the high feeling. If it's possible where you are to get medical, you could purchase marijuana with lower THC and higher CBD. Of course, you would need to be careful and monitor your symptoms… I'm not pushing for anyone to smoke weed, but that might be safer than smoking marijuana bought off the street. Good luck!

  16. Great ive tried cbd before and it took all my anxiety ans since i was addicted to weed i just dropped all weed by product i also take anxiety pills and i sleep all day if anything

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