1. You can do it man. I've been in your shoes when you hit the 2 week mark it only gets easier. Next week will mark a month for me. Keep pushing you gotta keep yourself busy. Pick up new productive habits.

  2. Bro I feel like I’m looking into a mirror
    You got this bro!!! Please stay strong
    I’m doing all November no fap no smoke
    We got this bro
    I’m 23 and my parents are the same
    Fuck the past
    You and me got this!!

  3. Have your dreams come back yet ? I dont smoke any more but I remeber when I was going hard and I'd have tolerance breaks , usually 2weeks to a month and I just remember going from no dreams to these insanely vivid and lucid dreams.

  4. Month 4 no weed, and going on month 7 off heroin. It gets easier man, the first 2 months were really difficult off bud. Especially being fresh off a relapse. But now it's not too bad, been a lot more motivated and I feel like I'm starting to be genuinly happy. One more month of no weed and I can smoke again tho, rehab is finishing up then. I smoke to stay off Heroin, no subs, no methadone, nothin but some weed here and there. Nothin like smoking a bowl after working for 10-12 hours a day. I don't drink either

  5. 100%, if the freedom is conditional based on not smoking weed, then it isn't worth smoking it. I can't find decent weed where i live so i can't smoke any lol.

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