Psilocybin Mushrooms & The Path to Higher Consciousness

On MISTER TACHYON: Micro-dosing has been on the rise. But does really it work? Where’s Hamilton when you need him? WATCH NEXT: Can “Orgone …


  1. Why is this jackass wearing that thing on his head? He looks like an ant. It ruins a completely good interview. Wish I could give him a thumbs down and the subject of the interview a thumbs up.

  2. This actually used to be cutting edge informatorysource of useful information and new and exciting research and news this is pathetic you won't even let your journalist do the mushrooms used said your journalists have the Amazon to drink Ayahuasca smoke DMT on camera with no cares that's what was really exciting about your your news this is not news this is a joke there's nothing informative about this at allit used to actually have substance and technical know-how with a full range of discussion this is garbage disgusting I will never watch another vice ever

  3. You gotta look at it from the mushroom's point of view
    It's all justa big joke no matter how serious we think it all is
    Oh yes take it very seriously, great video
    But don't forget that for the most part of life, ya jus gotta keep finding ways to put a smile on your face or better still laugh your ass off
    After all, laughter is the best medicine🤔

  4. Half a gram is a relatively small dose, but it's not a microdose. You're probably not going to be tripping like crazy but you are going to feel it. A microdose by definition is supposed to be below the threshold of awareness or just barely feeling it. A genuine microdose is probably closer to 1/10th or 1/5th of a gram.

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