Proving and Disproving Myths About Weed With Experiments – STONED (Full Episode)

Weed is currently the most popular recreational drug in the UK, and nearly half of the country wants it legalised. But ultimately, the argument over weed rests on …


  1. Viceland could these conclusions be due to the fact that the UK has a product not as quantitative on par to the product in the US. Also the stigma surrounded with the testees. There are various uncontrolled variables in your hypothesis. Maybe try test subjects used to consuming cannabis on a regular basis and that are capable of controlling themselves under large quantities of the compounds in cannabis. I would definitely love the chance to test this on a US standardized level. Just to show our culture and not tarnish our name. We are very civilized and intelligent not to mention have been to various events even are extremely involved in the industry. I’d feel free to spend my time in the name of science.

  2. The unavailable key challenge wasn't the difference between cannabis and alcohol, intoxication.
    Rather the difference between man and woman. This was simply done for fun as is the rest of this video. Thanks for the fun!

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