Paying the Piper: Marijuana Now, Psychosis Later | The Morning Report

A recent prospective study involving almost 4000 adolescents and using a novel multilevel approach that examined within-person differences found a strong …


  1. How about for people who are over 25? I recent my started using it last year for about a year. I never had cannabis induced psychosis episodes just plain old panic attacks and the first time I ever had an episode was because I ate a whole edible because It was was first time using it and I thought you had to eat the whole cookie.
    Went to a horror maze and ended up getting scared and panicked and went to the hospital where I just started laughing. Recently like I said I’ve been using it for a year and a half, recently just had another bad trip while smoking because I was already anxious. And. Made it worse. Never hallucinated or anything. I do have a brother who used meth a few times and weed for a longer time during his teens in middle school and now he has psychosis. Very sad and hurtful. I want to know. Will it affect me?

  2. Nothing on this world is without consequence. We need to stop pretending weed is a miracle. There will be consequences just like with everything else from alcohol, to sugar, to psychoatives.

  3. Set the record straight, the prejudice against cannibis users and the fact that it's been illegal for the past 70 years are the only reasons people get paranoid after they smoke cannibis. Cannibis does not cause paranoia/psychosis. The gov't making it SEEM horrible and illegal causes REAL paranoia/psychosis.

  4. Go pop your Opioid Pills, you Baby Clown-ass scumbags! You have to have a strong mind to smoke weed, fake-ass weak-minded people claim weed causes psychosis, and they the same type to tell their mommy's on you for it LMAO 😂 🤣

  5. Pot can cause psychosis. An individuals chance could be 100% given their genetic makeup and environmental factors. The chance of something happening to you increases with your belief that it will not happen. Why? Because you base your behavior on that idea. Also, remember that if you see 100 people in your life smoking pot without much ill effect and there is a 1 in 100 chance that it can trigger psychosis….where is that one….probably somebody you will never meet– in a mental hospital– in the states this is likely after commiting a crime that was caused by the psychosis. Do not mess with drugs. You are all you need right now in this moment.

  6. Old news. Intense studies were done in the 1970s in Germany and the result was that it induces psychosis 92%..comt..gene etc.. This study goes into detail about the function and synthesis of the brain chemistry and active compounds. Very heavy reading… But yes.. Its true!!!

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