Parliament: 7th Report of the Science and Technology Committee and the Government Response


  1. They call it "debate", but it is an example of kindness, consense and agreement.
    Remarkable: The minister (under-secratary Jo Churchill) speeks out
    "the majority of those who have died have used illicit CBD with the THC-products".
    It is not exactly "substances (vitamin-E-acetate or Myclobutanil) in illicit THC-oil-cartridges/-pods", but okay.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Report. Thank god i don't live in India where more smoker's die each year then anywhere else on the planet 😥 We just need to bin the TPD here in the UK and most of all the 20mg nicotine limit 🙏

  3. I think it could be useful to GPs surgeries to try to bring longer term vapers and hobbyist vapers into surgeries to offer advice and help to stop smoking clinics as a lot of hobbyist vapers have a lot of knowledge and understanding of different devices and e-liquids that can and do help smokers to quit.

  4. Vaping is very effective as a way of helping people with mental health issues to quit smoking. The vaping industry is reactive and will always try to make it ever safer by removing any chemcals that pose an unnecessary risk such as certain flavourings, the use of certain metals in coil materials, practices in using rebuildable devices, battery safety in use, charging and storage of batteries. Vapers always want to make things better and safer. As a hobbyist vaper I spend time and money on researching how to make all aspects of vaping safer. I think too few people understand how important flavours are in how effective vaping is (Most Ex smokers don't want to taste tobacco) and vapers often like the flavours from their childhoods, or desserts in preference to mint or menthol (though a cooling agent in a dessert flavour is often enjoyable)
    I support new vapers and those who have tried without any support then lapsed by giving help and advice to try again, generally I have found those I helped have not relapsed with several quitting both completely.
    I started vaping almost 9 years ago and quit smoking completely over 6 years ago, prior to becoming a vaper I could not manage this in part due to serious mental health issues

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