1. I’ve been 2 weeks in this shit and I sincerely like it, im doing this to have a better control of myself, be more confident, and be able to talk to the opposite sex as easy as I talk to men.

  2. Just wanna say… your videos are literally changing my LIFE bro. I'm watching you, Captain Sinbad and Elisha Long. Trying to be as open as possible to new ideas but being very careful and observing of which are actually true for me. But damn bro, you have given me some really good insights which im writing down in my journal as we speak. Just wanna say a thank you cause these vids are really useful. Keep growing

  3. Bro wet dream=Relapse.All the benefits of nofap are because of semen preservation.
    This is why brahmcharya(Semen preservation)Is one of the toughest thing to do.
    Also I want to talk with you privately.
    Where can I message you?

  4. What can you do to bounce back from a relapse. Honestly was doing very well & under control, got cheated on & everything just went downhill. My mind is just thinking negative & can't do much about it.

  5. I went about a week where i was attracting way older women and tons of girls my age out in public without even having to speak a word. But i messedup and things went back to normal, it makes you feel amazing man don’t stop the grind!!

  6. Past couple of days i've been running into the quote "whats good isn't always good for you" in various forms. So i'm not suprised to hear you say it in this video. Just the powers that be pointing out wisdom. Thank you for this video.

    Also I like how you're bringing hella back.

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