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  1. I’ll sit some of your giveaways out since I just won a lippie but I think I’m gonna have to get my hands on that calm balm!!! I’ve never tried any kind of cannabis or cbd skincare products so I would LOVE to see if it might just be the secret ingredient my skin has been longing for my whole life!!! Also FYI I’ll still do what u ask to get their attention on your ig. I send them emails every couple of months telling them they need to pick you as an influencer. Haven’t heard back yet but u never know right?? Like they say about the lottery, you can’t win if u don’t play. So maybe if they get enough emails or messages from me about you, they’ll choose u as an influencer! That’s my hope at least. Great video. Can’t wait to try this one day. 😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Puff puff primer lmao I love so cute ..I'm interested to see what this is all about ..everyone getting on the hemp and cbd bandwagon. Girl I found the elf+ highlighter from that coconut collection they had in moonlit at marshals 2 weeks ago for 2.99 and I am obsessed with it I have not put it down since I got it ..its like color pop super shock highlights and becca moonstone had a baby💕😘💄

  3. Omg Hey sis ❤THIS cannabis collection is super exciting picking a favorite is hard but I'll say the calm balm because I dnt know why but your girl here always has dry lips. Hope your doing good in Statistics. I'm going bonkers😵

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