If you suffer from anxiety, and/or sleep issue’s i highly recommend trying out this CBD OIL! I wanted to make this video to share my opinion, and my thoughts and …


  1. It's true that CBD oil for people who has Insomia and Anxiety because i also have anxiety that makes me having some troubles to sleep at night. Good thing that used CBD oil to solve my problems.

  2. so i went to the website through your link and couldn't find the cbd pet treats till i went to the affiliate page.. do you have to be an affiliate to purchase them? i'd like to get some through your link and also some for my cats too! thanks

  3. @gypsywifelife the cbd ointment is the BEST i have used out of all of the cbd products. It takes my pain right away. Please try it. I rub it on right after my shower and i do not need to take any kind of pain meds for my pain. BTW im sure cookie was CHILLIN after she ate that treat 😉 🎃👻🙌🍁🍂

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’m not someone who wants to feel stoned or high. I want to feel like myself. But I also want to feel like my best self. I deal with epilepsy and a sleep disorder and this sounds great!

  5. You have come so far from that first night and I am thrilled plus your girl enjoy it too just like I thought you all would! So glad it is working for you love ya beautiful 🧡🧡 Happy Monday too

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