Mike Tyson – The Smokebox (Part 1) | BREALTV

Former Heavyweight World Champion Mike Tyson steps in The Smokebox with B Real of Cypress Hill & former NFL player Eben Britton. In this episode Mike …


  1. i like that b reals podcast is short, like nobody got time for a 2 hour pod cast. but than again its cuz nobody wants to sit in a hot box car for more than 20 minutes lmao the modern day sauna

  2. Mike Tyson sounds more intelligent when he's high lol. But when he's sober you can tell he just short and straight to the point lol. But when he's high he elaborates on his shit lol.

  3. before the hangover movies EVERYONE was talking shit about Tyson. Calling him a chump, ear biter, rapist, woman beater..I stood behind him even through all that trash talking people did. He survived the streets, he conquered the ring, became a millionaire in his 20s, did his time came out kept conquering the ring. Then he retired and the trash talking started and I kept arguing with people in person and online. And he survived all the negativity ppl threw his way. He conquered all you shit talkers..Came up doing his one man stage show, his funny ass adult swim cartoon, and now his pod cast and soon to be cannabis ranch. This is one strong, bad ass person. And even though he can knock out the best of them he smarter than a majority of all those who were talking shit. Read more about history, philosophy, than the average person.Well educated, and on top of all that he came to terms with his inner person and was man enough to apologize to holyfield..This guy had his faults like a lot of us do but he faced them and conquered it.. I take my hat off to Mike. my absolute favorite athlete/celebrity.

  4. Its like being in thw presence of a serial killer. He talks like you acts like you but scares the f out of you knowing he could snap at any moment. Except mike is more dangerous than any serial killer

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