1. SPY was following AMZN today tick for tick. Even in after hours they both tanked at the close for a gap down Tuesday again. S&P futures are trading higher with the UK open tonight right now so we will see were SPY is when North American markets open in the AM. TVIX was up 4 bucks a share today bought it at the close Friday sold at open Monday. Nice week maker. :]

  2. VFF weekly needs to break 12.99 & 13.24 for a LH. The daily looks like anything under 12.99 is a LH. Bulls need to hold 9.81 for a daily uptrend to stay in tact. Lose the hourly uptrend and look for a daily LH to be set. Bulls need volume to get through hourly resistance.

  3. I don't like having my social networks and email connected, but just logged in to say: Thank you for the content and like this video.

    Keep up the good work!
    And lets log out again.

  4. I have an obsevation. Been watching your channel for a few months. According to you from what i gather, you have like a 95% winning rate on your trades. You always buy the almost exact bottom, sell always on the bounce, barely ever take a loss. Real wall street traders, at least the ones that dont go bankrupt, have a winning rate of about 60-70% and thats considered sky high. So have u ever considered working for a big institution or opening up your own fund? I mean you would be like the most successful trader ever, u never miss. It’s astonishing!

  5. I added to KSHB and sold at 5.27. It was a rewarding trade off the 4.70s support. I think I should have held some. Kind of got greedy, but it was about a 9% profit.

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