Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 1/22/2019 by

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  1. I'm speculating here but regarding APHA I wonder if the Schottenstein family had anything to do with the negative press and short sellers group that drove the price down. A month later and we have a hostile bid trying to buy it outright as it begins to recover. I think APHA should just carry on with business as usual and make their own way. Side note, yesterday I used your charts to pick up March 7.5 calls on ACB seeing that the pullback on the issuance of notes has played out and likely we'll see a move up again.

  2. Hi Dan, thank you as always for these videos. They are incredible. I am slowly picking away at the backlog to learn more and get better.
    Last vid you mentioned LHS with potential for a break out, and obviously that did not happen. I watched it all day, but feel perhaps I wasted my time when I could have moved on to a different name if I had seen some indicators (volume was very low, so there was that). In a case like this, do you keep tabs on it for the future, or do you move on to better possibilities?
    I guess my broader question is, when do you find it is best to just give up and move on from potentiality? When volume isn't there? Could you perhaps go over this in the future? For example if the signs aren't there for TGOD, can you briefly explain your psychology for moving on?

  3. Dan I'm an APHA bagholder and one thing I've learned from watching your videos is that there are a lot of stupid, emotional people who also watch your videos and feel the need to hate on you.

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