1. Hi Dan.

    Try rinse your nose with saline (saltwater) maybe once or twice a week. This will flush all the bacteria and virus out from your sinuses, watch Youtube for tutorial. I have done this for maybe 1 year and taking "Alpha men" multivitamin from MyProtein.com and vitamin C with rosehip, vitamin D3 and omega-3 daily. Working out hard maybe 3-5 times per week. Living in Sweden with much snow and harsch weather and working on my job alot outside, i have not been sick for 1 year and 15 days.
    Pretty much never eating vegetables haha Only meat, fish, chicken, carbs and healthy fats.

    Before i did the above i was ill and sick pretty regular.

    Hope you get well. Love your videos they help me so much. 24yrs old started trading april 2018.

    Best regards.

  2. hey Dan hope you get better soon. im battling one myself. im just wondering if there is a chance you could do another video on what has changed since you did "intro to us mj companies "

  3. Dano… I'd just say that your tone implied that someone was selling to preserve capital from in a loss in KSHB. More likely is it was not even someone with shares, but aggressively shorting. Then midday the next day there was that gradual rise for 6 hrs… as they covered throughout the following afternoon.

  4. Your analysis of the bid/ask on KSHB had me imagining you as a battle-scarred sensei who'd spent significant time in the wasteland and trenches (penny stocks) but rarely uses the hidden abilities gained during those volatile times to blend in as an average citizen. I guess I'm basically imagining you as Rurouni Kenshin (which is a good thing if you don't know the reference. 🙂

    As usual, greatly appreciate the education. Can't wait to learn more!

  5. Hey Dan, I also have Fidelity and can see the news you mentioned on ACB however I am wondering how you are being alerted to the new on these companies just as they are coming out? Did you create a watchlist and it alerts your email for news on those stocks on your list?

  6. Gotta load up on some Garlic Dan…works every time i get a cold …i just eat clove after clove raw till the flem comes out…i also juice it with carrots beets ginger n lemons…try it 😉

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