Marijuana Stocks (CGC WEED ACB CRON APHA TLRY) Cannabis MJ Chart Analysis for Today, Sept 12, 2019

Daily review of Marijuana Stocks – with a focus on the big 5 Canadian Cannabis producers = 7 day free-trial …


  1. Oh boy woke up thinking is could be an interesting conference call…. Well I am Proud to say it wasn't! I feel weird that APHA is the most impressive Canadian LP. Yup doesn't sound right typing it either. LOL Cheers

  2. All this MM share manipulation, vape hit news etc makes me think share price is being held down for accumulation before a major event – or maybe my tin foil hat is on too tight

  3. I keep wanting ACB to do well (if only to help the sector these days) and they keep letting me down. ACB has always been the wrong horse to bet on for me going as far back as early 2017. Always disappointed relative to other MJ names.

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