Marijuana Found At North Dakota Nuclear Missile Facility | TIME

The military says marijuana was found at a Minot Air Force Base nuclear missile facility in central North Dakota. Subscribe to TIME …


  1. This is no joke! I'm all for weed legalization (i'm a medical patient in the great state of CT) but this was most likely illegal trafficking using the Minot AF base as a cover or a stash/pick up rendevouz point. This is wrong! It jeapordizes national security! Also those involved most likely work at the base! I don't want AF officers that could be potentially involved in launching our nukes stoned off that "good, good"! They need to be coherent, ready at a moments notice, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week! POTUS could order a strike at anytime. Hopefully that day will never come…but if it does we need SOBER AF officers executing these orders. The lives of 300+ million Americans depends on it!

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