Loneliness: An Epidemic in our Society and Why We Need to Change – Teal Swan Speech London 2018

Teal Swan gave this speech on the Epidemic of Loneliness at Alternatives in London. Teal explains about why she wrote The Anatomy of Loneliness using …


  1. About halfway through, but I'll be back.

    Although I'm not a fan of unnecessary loudness myself, understanding and addressing the source along with or over the symptoms is a good way to go.

    So far I've only ever seen Teal's solo videos.

    Got to see a side of her here, that was a pleasant surprise.

    She is so good at awakening the gentle aspects of Consciousness Connections.

    I hope I am forgiven for balancing things out (just for myself and a few others) by listening to 'Part of Me' by Chris Cornell and Timbaland next, and then maybe something from Collateral (2004).

    A good, meaningful peace promoting Guide, shared with me how he views the Club shootout from the movie.

    He uses it to view himself killing (temporarily of course, with a nod towards immortality) thought patterns that are momentarily unhelpful.

    The movie has many deep philosophical lessons.

    If someone is looking for a different kind of peace, try John Travolta in 'Michael'.

    If more women and men of Balance anchored wisdom, effectively counter the foolish standards of 'spirituality', 'success', 'celebrity' and other extensions, a lot of crimes and maybe even wars, can be reduced.

    I was also doing a bit of reading in the early hours of the morning, on Jim Morrison's parents' disciplinary practices.

    If true, it is sad.

    But peace and joy from the right sources, to all those who genuine seek it.

  2. Is it possible that I feel lonely because I lack real connection to myself? In the sense that, how weird it may sound, I have a thick wall preventing me to know what I want, even after reading and watching much content about it. So I feel very disconnected with what is right for me and my authentic self.

  3. Again, ignore the beauty before you, pay attention to the conversation. It's good sense being related to anyone. I like the sepia tone of the video…less mental distraction. A travelling soul imparting some good wisdom most never, ever consider. I just check her out and like what she's relating to others…to help, not hurt…plus a good sense of humor has never hurt anyone. Peace and better lives, one and all. Many need to get out of themselves and develop more understanding. We're all individuals learning how to navigate life…no rehearsals. All the best to you watching and get understanding….no matter your personality. Be the real you and exist…keeping it simple enough. God Bless through insight….mysteries of things beyond common perception. Billions of people in this world, all different, diverse…but who are you? Most don't know how to answer the basic question…some never will, sadly.

  4. As our pcs become more & more fragmented, they run slower & slower, before eventually stopping. We defragment to restore the 'health' of our computers. It's the same with people, simple as that.

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