Liberty Health Sciences (CNSX:LHS) Site Tour: Top to Bottom, Seed to Sale

Liberty Health Sciences Inc (CNSX:LHS) (OTCMKTS:LHSIF) (FRA:S6UQ) CEO George Scorsis provides viewers with an inside look at the company’s Florida …


  1. Industrial weed is garbage. What tastes better a tomato grown in the soil under the sun with natural ingredients or one under lights pumped full of blue , green or orange colored fertilizers! Same for cannabis. Florida corrupt government gives out 20 or so grow permits to Big Ag poison farms and yet the nice folks cant grow a plant in there back yard. Once again Florida fails! And now everyone can buy $60.00 1/8's of Chem weed! None of these guys even know what cannabis even tastes like. They are not patients or consumers they are BIG Ag Corporate scum.

  2. I love seeing Florida growing GREEN… I operate a small boutique indoor grow in CA with my son, and go back to Cali every 3 months. thank you for letting the people see these beautiful processes. GO LIBERTY HEALTH SCIENCES

  3. I've tried a lot of their products, including the Pax Pods. I'm a big fan, can't wait to see where they go in 2019. Hopefully we'll see flower in their dispensaries, the plants are looking good!

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