Legal pot shops slow to open

Marijuana advocates staged a peaceful march to Queen’s Park to celebrate legalization while a new study says Canada needs to significantly increase brick and …


  1. It's legal here in California and in Beverly Hills/ it's one of the busiest shops in all of Beverly Hills actually…

    and you know what> suicides are down 🙂 …nothing negitive has happened because of it …

    people's anxieties is are reduced/ the whole City's adapter to a beautiful… it's actually getting better and better /congratulations Canada!

  2. "Potheads procrastinate and have a hard time keeping schedules and meeting deadlines." Wow. Revelation of the century. BTW audio quality at the beginning is terrible CityNews, fix that. The black market is going to continuously undercut these licensed stores, plus the local street dealer isn't going to scan your ID and store it in a database.

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