Lawsuit Against Puffco Peak? – (WWB #3)

Back again with a sesh and some weed news. I’m officially committing to make these wake and bake sessions once a week! After a long few weeks of back end …


  1. Hahaha. 30 to 40 percent are defective? That's why literally everybody except you, LOVES IT AND CONTINUES TO LOVE IT. I don't know where to start with your misinformation, but I loved the part where you say how much people spend that use 8 atomizers a month?!?!? Fucktards do, I suppose. But my friends and I have had ours for 6 months+ and not one problem. Simple cleaning, and not overheating goes a loooong way bud. Anyway, your videos are wack as fuck now, are you twisting the tweak pipe now or something like that. You look like hell, and you brain function is NOTICABLY lower. You even call yourself out on it when you said "this little stupid analogy…" That is absolutely correct, that analogy and just about every point you make in the vid are DUMB AS FUCK. Come on. You used to be much more articulate and didn't just talk straight out your ass. I know this may come off as rage hate, and to a point sure, but I love my little Peak and from my experience they don't deserve your shade. I think it's that you come off like your trying to be the "cool guy" that "dares" to go against the crowd. Without giving it a just chance. And I'm confused about one more thing ya said, at the beginning you stated that you had only hit it a couple times, and that you had it for a month. Which is it? Just disappointed man, been a long time subscriber.

  2. I’m glad u are a R3dband fan cause most youtubers don’t where other youtubers clothing but you are a badass guy so u help other tubers and that says a lot about you like you are one helpful dude to everyone 👍👍👍

  3. still got this "fake news" video up? I'm sure by now you realize the rumor you read off redit or 4chan was just that a rumor I spoke to upper management at puffco there is no lawsuit and there wasn't ever one that was a made up story written by unhappy customers ps you have become a complete douche it's funny to watch haters like you with a YouTube tattoo making shit for money while the CEO Roger Volodarsky is killing it making millions maybe it's just jealousy 😂 btw the the cows nose ring makes you look that much more retarded

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