Is Fasting Beneficial for Weight Loss?

Fasting for a week or two is like the keto diet—it can actually slow body fat loss rather that accelerating it. Get the preface for Dr. Greger’s brand-new book, How …


  1. Hi Dr LeGrand,
    I like to do 16:8 six times per week and OMAD on Sunday. I do this 80% of the time and take periodic diet breaks where I don’t fast.
    This Protocol works really well for me. I feel great and it keeps my body fat low.

    Thanks for the video

    Best – Mike

  2. 15% of the US population have food insecurity. Meaning they don’t have enough food to eat. America has a food inequality problem… fasting is for the rich. While the poor go hungry, the rich fast. Solution: donate the food to the shelters and food pantries

  3. I think if you force weight loss on people who don't want to stop eating, it will be a temporary fix and they will end up gaining it all back. But if a person actively decides to fast for weight loss that is where the progress starts, because they are open to making the lifestyle changes that come after every fast.

  4. I’m let down that it takes doctors a case study to realize that eating a crummy diet after fasting will make you fat. Nothing makes the body impervious to a poor diet. One main purpose of fasting is to be an official marker of a change to a better lifestyle. It heals the body. Gives you time and space to work through difficult emotions you’ve suppressed with food. I prefer juice feasting, every post fast I find myself craving more of the good foods and being turned off by the processed junk/fast food. And for the record, Greger knows next to nothing about fasting, just as any other doctor bc they don’t study it. He should begin by reading Shelton’s books on fasting. He fasted tens of thousands of ppl.

  5. " Fasting only works if its a jumpstart to a healthier diet". As it pretains to weight loss. There is some promising work on fasting for longevity that i find interesting ( we have so much work to do). For me , ill take fasting ( either multiple day or intermittently) as a way to reestablish your relationship with food and possibly ritualize your eating patterns to a more mindful practice. Thanks again Doc and your research team- true public service at work. Im going to call my Congressperson and suggest Dr. Greger as the next Surgeon General. Lol.

  6. Hey everyone 2 weeks ago I was looking for an easy way to lose weight fast when I found this article https://howtogetxfast. com/2019/10/31/8-easy-ways-to-lose-weight/ (remove the space before the "com")
    and so far I lost 15 Kgs(35 lbs) with the minerals african red tea and without any special diet (you can still eat whatever you want)!!
    check it out guys!!! 🙂

  7. Interesting!! Unrelated question: I was recently diagnosed with (possible) colitis. I go to a GI doctor tomorrow for further evaluation. But I am curious if a fully plant based diet will be beneficial for my gut? I have been a vegetarian for about 7 years now, and I'm highly considering the WFPB lifestyle cause I am desperate to not be in pain without taking a million and one pills everyday. Thank you!!!

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