1. So, you can't smoke a cigarette, you can smoke dope, and drink booze, and what??? Do people drive when they leave there? Do they have parking? Or is it only people can be dropped off in a taxi or uber or whatever? Everyone that leaves the restaurant is impaired by legal standards, right? Even if you didn't smoke, there's no such thing as a designated driver because everyone in the space would get at least a contact high? Maybe the dining area is separate? It looks like people are smoking in the dining area, so I don't think so.

  2. All should be legalized but when you get sick from drugs then you have to pay for it, not citizens which doesn't use drugs… Want to get smoked or audicted to drugs then you have to take responsobility. If not, then no drugs for you.

    Btw drugs sucks!

  3. Bet the prices for anything in this restaurant are insane. Thanks to the government in California taxing everything it's cheaper to buy it illegally. I used to believe legalized weed would be good, but when the government (run by Democrats) take over its worse than ever.

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