INSANE Toxic Marijuana Epidemic in Chile | FULL DOCUMENTARY

This educational documentary explores the toxic marijuana epidemic in Chile – particularly drugs such as “cripy” and “porro”. Spanish Version: …


  1. A lot of love went into this film, so I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it. This has definitely opened new doors, and I'm incredibly excited to see how this path unfolds. This journey has been fascinating to say the least, and I'm so grateful to have you amazing people who have been with us all this time. It warms my heart knowing how many people are willing to contribute to our vision and making authentic content about subjects that many shy away from.

    The way YouTube and advertising are set up don't make it easy for content creators such as myself, but this doesn't make me want to slow down. Quite the opposite in fact. I think it's time to push the boundaries a bit 😉

    I will continue to do my best and improve as a filmmaker. The plan is to grow into a team and hire people to help with higher production videos. If you enjoy these types of videos, please consider contributing on Patreon. Your support is crucial now more than ever – especially with how Youtube is going , and how our expenses are increasing.
    I will of course continue to release my best stuff on YouTube, Patreon is just for those who can spare a few coin for your mate Tommy.

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    Looking forward to continuing this epic adventure you guys. MASSIVE plans ahead, so hit that notification bell and watch this space! 😉

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  2. "The most work you've ever put"
    It shows man, it really shows. I watched it all without a single break, super interesting, a lot of cool informations and great insight into cannabis legality and dangers of forced prohibition. Your guests were also top notch. Fantastic documentary mate, can't wait for more in the future because that was out of ordinary good.

  3. Finally, a documentary showing that marijuana is genetically modified. Modern marijuana has 200% more thc than that found in the wild a chemical concoction made to addict genetically modified with opiate mimickers. Absolute addicting mind melting shit.

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