iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. Due Diligence (IAN:CNX // ITHUF:OTC) Cannabis Marijuana MSO Analysis

Due Diligence Review of iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. = 7-day Free Trial = Due Diligence Trello Board …


  1. Thanks for the review here.
    I also appreciate the brushing aside of the fluff and hitting the issues head on.
    Your firm and fair handling of the fanboys was what they probably needed to hear.

    +1 vote for GTII DD soon.
    Thanks again.

  2. Great stuff, may I suggest editing out all the wasted time, people don't have time to wait for you to talk to all the haters. I imagine you would get a lot more subscriptions and likes if you shortened the videos by removing the wasted time (just the opinion of a guy who loves efficiency). Thanks.

  3. I value your efforts, and the free time you put in. People make it personal. When I started trading I would get married to a company. Never again, will I do that!. All I am after is, is the company worth investing in. And your DD’s do that for me. Looking forward to your tuelieve DD.
    Thank you for your efforts. Cheers!

  4. IAnthus is all over the map. And run by investment bankers. Trying to copy Canopy growth strategy. They overpaid for MPX. And financing of 100 mil is at 13 percent, whoa. I knew they would need more cash for buildout. Nowhere near profitability.

  5. Really informative DD, there were some minor mistakes but overall great job. No pumping, realistic outlook. You earned a new subscriber and you are really dedicated, thanks for the video!

  6. Liked/subscribed! Thanks for your work on these DDs. I have been researching/buying this company the past couple of months. Thanks for your perspective and looking forward to the next ones!

  7. 3 and a half hours of DEEP DEEP dive into iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. – Justin, you always dive deeper into these companies than anyone on Youtube, your very thorough and leave no link unturned.
    So much GREAT information!! ,it's unbiased and GREATLY appreciated!
    Thank you for spending 3.5 HOURS on a HOLIDAY weekend to Educate!

    You Rock Justin @Blaze Capital

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