‘I Feel Like I’m Always In The Middle,’ Says Woman Of Feud Between Daughter And New Husband

A homeless woman says she doesn’t get along with her mother’s husband and wants him “out of the picture.” He claims she is hateful and making the marriage …


  1. I was a mental and behavioral health therapist and this appears to be a sign of sexual abuse and even physical abuse. The victim will often attempt to make themselves undesirable so the predator doesn’t want anything to do with them. They will even go as far as to use the restroom on themselves.

  2. This woman needs to learn to forgive whoever hurt her. It’s the only way she can heal and live a healthy life. She hasn’t been in jail for a few years but it doesn’t matter. Her life is a giant prison

  3. I would love to go on the dr phil show with my parents they messed up my mental health always physically fought each other in front of us meaning six kids and they kept having kids not knowing how to get along let alone parent or have any education

  4. Karishma has never been sexually abuse, she has never held down a steady job, and she has always been lazy. She has had many chances to get her life on track… but always made excuses why she does not follow threw. She chose to live like a homeless person. Monique is not a bad mother! She may have made some bad choices in the past, but I know that she has tried her best to keep her from getting killed. So as we speak at this moment, she is in the line of fire…

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