How To Profit Off Marijuana Stocks 2019

The Stat Modeling Recap video had 3 plays expiring this week so this week’s recap will be combined with next week’s ** In this video I show you how to profit off …


  1. Hi Mike I am in “CWBHF” and “ACB” Should I sell now or hold on to them and ride out the wave until after the 1st of the year and see what happens? I bought CWBHF at $12.21 per share and ACB at $9.18 per share. I’m down substantially on ACB but I feel like you said those have potential to do well but just wanted your thoughts. Thank you so much.

  2. l lost quite a bit on ACB and I still hold some shares, I got it because it a local company but I met some employees and see whats going on, is a disaster right now… stay away or sell naked calls

  3. Don’t forget to follow the SAFE Bank Bill vote in the Senate. They should be voting on it before the year ends. I’ve got a small long-term option debit spread on CGC in case it runs in January off the bill approval, which likely will get approved based on the House Republicans percentage voting yes. The bill got decent support from Republicans, and I think with the economy continuing to do well, it could very easily get approved. On high watch for me going into 2020!

  4. My friend wanted to start investing and taught him how to trade options and I told him whatever u do DONT buy weed stocks right now and he of course bought them and lost 15% in two days, sold and then stopped investing 🤦‍♂️

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