How to Live with Depression like Drew Monson (mytoecold)

Drew Monson aka mytoecold just made a video about how to live with depression. Drew Monson opened up about his struggles with depression and what he …


  1. I've been subbed to Drew for years, and it's a shame he doesn't get much attention these days since his videos about depression, suicidiality, and other mental health issues are just so real, relatable, and approachable.

  2. I know I'm late to the video. I just wanted to say that I found your channel when I needed it most (about a month ago). This video in particular hit home for me. I live with major depressive disorder, anxiety and bipolar disorder (or as I call it, the holy trifecta). Ive been seeing my counselor for almost 2 years now and she is absolutely wonderful. I still struggle with suicidal thoughts but thankfully none of them have come to fruition. Living with depression is hard but not impossible if you take the necessary steps to treat it and learn how to love yourself. That I am still learning to do, but I know eventually I will get there and find myself through the mess. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many others. Lots of love and light from this little witch. 💜

  3. I've been watching for maybe two weeks but damn I feel so much better. I've been told by a lot of people I am good at finding negative things and grabbing them. In finding your channel and discord I have figured out that that's my way of telling the critics in my head to fuck off and I've been so much happier since and much less anxious. Just wanted to say thank you and keep doing what you do because at least for this University Student it's really helping,

  4. I was just watching this as I drew and a lot of the things you say describes me. I spend most of my day isolated from people, I have social anxiety, I'm always sleeping or spending all my time in bed, sometimes i give up and wonder what's the point, i think back to dumb things i did in my past, my personality is wishy washy and I can be a joker or stone faced serious. Most conversations I have are with myself cause I just have a habit of having conversations with myself (sounds crazy I know). The only thing that keeps me going is my dream to draw manga someday even though I'm not japanese. So I'm pushing myself to practice drawing in my spare time to get there.

  5. His video made me cry. When he said to give yourself credit just for being here right now, I was like damn yes go sis, you out here really making it through the day like you aren't suffering to accomplish small goals every day

  6. Good video!

    AND for the record, I can agree on everything about not taking stuff so seriously. Some suggest comedy might be a crutch, but there are far worse crutches in the world than learning to laugh about one's self. I laugh and joke about me, because I'd feel left out if I didn't.

    So… maybe it's a silly question, but… What if you have motivation fountaining out of your ears, but it's like someone unplugged the "ambition" thing???
    …is there even a reason to be concerned? ;o)

  7. There are so many things you say that resonate. And I totally agree with Drew, getting help is key, I always thought since this is my problem I have to fix it, but man! with meds I went from "I wanna kill myself" to I don't like living but I have to anyway and thaaaat's huge. Thanks to all those people pushing others to take that first step.

  8. Thanks for that little story about your son. My 7 year old has had separation anxiety issues on and off since he started school and has been struggling a lot lately. I'm definitely going to try that!

  9. I have a huge queen sized bed and I love it for sleeping but it takes up the most room in my room so I have to sit in it and it would be uncomfortable and I want a desk where I can sit and work but with no money I can't be buying a small bed :/
    Also I'm in my room 24/7 for years and never say a word or have any friends so when I do go out and talk to people it's like my voice doesn't know how to talk and I stutter and mess up my words and idk if it's cuz of the lack of speaking or idk but I hate it 🙁

  10. I think it's important to remeber that it takes time to find the right therapist. I have been through 3 before I found my current one.

    Also it's really important to be honest on intake forms so you can get the help you need. I also found a big change when I found the right medications. That is a process in an of itself. Just be patient

  11. Hey chris、I've been trying to let my dad know for years that I dont appreciate the way he talks about my grades and my weight because it seems like no matter how well I do I'm not doing good enough for him. I struggle with depression like symptoms and sometimes dont have enough motivation to go to the gym、or study as much as I should、but I think I'm balancing it well enough with my full time job considering I get mostly Bs in college. It gets stressful and when he makes comments like、"It would be nice if you got a 4.0." Or "You really need to hit the gym. You're not THAT overweight but you're kind of chubby." It makes it just that much worse and kinda makes me not want to talk to him. I don't really know what to do at this point.

  12. What made you decide to involved with better help? Have their business practices changed? How much detailed research have you conducted? Asking out of genuine curiosity as to if they've changed after all the controversy

  13. I loved the stuff about sleeping all the time. I used to come home from school and sleep every day too. I've been so depressed that I've starved myself so that I can be tired enough to just sleep all the time. It was ridiculous!

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