1. Been smoking for 9 years now and realizing that this has gone for too long! No more do I want a hazy brain, it literally sucks to have to go about my day wanting to explain to new collegues my brain is slower than theirs or unfocused but can't because of the jugement and the misconception most people have about drugs and addiction. I just want to feel better, and when I do, I hope I get to share my thoughts about this to the world. Thanks for helping us in our own healthy journeys 🙏❤️

  2. I'm smoking my second joint of the day and its just morning but you're speaking facts, my longest was 20 days without weed. I've been smoking it for 5 years, 3/5 years everyday. Now I'm 18 and smoking it aswell everyday and I can totally say that it is addiction for me. But I know that I will stop by the time.

  3. You fucking legend… this video is so motivational bro – thank you. I'm a film-maker and want to make a documentary on weed addiction – I can get to Manny – DM if you're up for an interview, would love your thoughts and opinions on there.

  4. It's weird because I also have ADD and the things you're describing that have been happening to you when you're sober are the things I usually feel right after I'm done being high. I have more empathy and motivation in the first few days of the week after I'd smoked on the weekend. I'm taking a break from weed rn because my last trip was bad and it's hurting my throat a bit, but it's still interesting that I get the exact opposite symptoms that everyone else describes.

  5. I'm turning 30 December 2nd, I started smoking weed at 16…. it got in the way of my grades,my sports, my relationships, my thoughts… I just smoked the last of my weed lastnight and told myself this is it!!! It has taken control of my productivity and my thoughts in a negative way stressing shit that hasn't even happened yet…. you talking big facts man! Thanks for this video and hopefully I can regain a clear mind again. I stop today!! Day 1 starts now🙏💪

  6. I feel you! Much love from Houston Texas. I’m 29 & started smoking hard core everyday at 13. I’ve only ever quit when I was pregnant… I finally came to realization that it’s making me lazier, anti social, depressed, & just detached from the moment. I would be out & just want to go home & get high instead of enjoying the moment. I looked forward to being alone instead of connecting. I’m ADHD as well & thought I needed it but I’m now 28 days clean & feel much more energized, outgoing, & a clearer mind. Good video!! 🙏🏼❤️

  7. I really needed to see this rn i am on day 2 of quitting and you make so much sense you speak my exact thoughts, i also love your accent where are you from that sounds very northern i currently reside in manchester lol, I appreciate you posting this you seem very full of wisdom, i have 0 friends now i decided to quit i have secluded myself away with my cat , wish me luck

  8. Nice video bro, very nice, come to think about it, i haven’t dreamed in awhile! Yo, my time is up! Started when I was 14… im soon 34 19-20yrs is WAY LONG ENOUGH! CHEERS! WISH ME LUCK!

  9. Its flower/plant not a drug don't be so ignorant to the fact your immaturity caused your poor experience with weed. You can be so successful with cannabis, this stigma is for the 1900's.

  10. I can relate so much bro I’ve got adhd too and with smoking weed it’s fucked me up constantly overthinking fuck that shit been trying to quit for years but I’m finally done now going to chuck out all my stoner shit tomorrow

  11. Correct me if im wrong but one thing you didnt mention was the psychotic aspect to over usage of thc, even more reason to use in moderation or even abstain completely. Great video! I agree the clean life is the best life but it certainly isn't easy for a lot of people.

  12. Im quitting for good!!!! Im almost 25 ive been smoking since 13 and Ive been ADDICTED for the past 5 years. All day everyday. When i wake up in the morning i hit the bowl before i piss. No boyfriend no job. Live at home. Hurt my family because im such a loser.. i got in trouble for driving with a bowl and i got a ovi so in a month i have to go to a 3 day program. That means 3 days without weed my biggest nightmare… So im saying fuck it im taking back control im deleting my dealers number since thats the only thing that can make me fuckin stop and im getting some cbd oil, finishing this bag, and then going thru hell week. I dont want to rely on ANYTHING to make me feel like im not going to die. It doesnt help im also on antidepressants and extreme anxiety runs in my family. I dont want to be fucking scared anymore. Scared of being depressed when i know inside this is the shit making me.

  13. Powerful video! I need to quit this… When I started I saw it as a tool and I think it was but now it just became a huge burden the weed is not serving me amymore I am a slave of it… I realised this when I was isolating myself from my family to smoke and I was like damn why I am doing that I don't even want to be there doing that

  14. Tried to quit 3 times. First time I lasted about a year. Second I succumbed after 5 months. On my third run rn with 2 months in so far. I've tried to replace it with all the healthier things you can name of but I'm still hella suffering without it. I hardly used it recreationally and when I did use it it was super super minimal. I could easily make a gram last weeks and often did so. My main purpose with it was not to get high but for its medicinal benefits. I am diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety amongst other issues and I use it to ease the pain. I have had a dear relationship with Allah my whole life. I've been on both sides of living with and without weed for long long periods of time. I am not going to deny that there are good benefits to living without it but my quality of life is so much more depressing/difficult/painful/insufferable compared to when I do have it as an aid. I honestly don't know whether quitting is what's best for me in the end or not so I'm losing my fucking mind here!!!

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