Hemp Farmers Hurt by New USDA Rules

Hemp Farmers got hurt by the new USDA Rules – lowering the total allowable THC down to 0.3% for total THC. Before, only Delta-9 THC levels mattered and …


  1. Josiah here! Gearing up with 20lbs of bud for my retail site, what is going to happen now?! Are we all supposed to just eat the thousands of dollars we invested into our businesses???

  2. Just returned from a two day hemp breeding conference at Davis. Hemp below 0.30 total THC is completely possible with higher levels of CBD. Don't plant or use hemp varieties bred from a high THC background.

  3. Great show with a lot of valuable information. What’s needed is a unified written response to USDA which can be copied and pasted and used by thousands to push back on the USDA during the 60 day public comment period. The online public “blowback” to these new regs should be like a convey of Mac Trucks converging from all across “fly over country” and slamming into the federal USDA building at 95 mph. They need to be bitch slapped into reality by “we the people”. These federal institutions have held this cash crop hostage for decades. And we have never had a better opportunity to push back. We can beat this the same way the legal Kratom business community pushed back the DEA proposal for a federal ban during the public comment period. That was a huge success and proves it can be done particularly with a far larger public grassroots behind cannabis. If farmers don’t speak up now, it’s over. It’s time to flip the tables on the corporate money changers.

  4. Farmers, consumers, and advocates need to make their voices heard now, before the 60 day period expires and these regulations stay this way.

    These regulations have to change in two major ways:

    1) The harvest timeframe needs to be no less than 4-5 weeks for farmers to realistically harvest their entire fields. A timeframe shouldn’t really even be implemented. I thought this was a capitalistic economic system…

    2) Next, Total THC needs to be set at a more realistic number. .3% is too low, but 3% is too high and approaching marijuana levels.

    I think 1% to 1.5% is a much more reasonable standard. Those levels are still way too low to get people stoned.

    What’s the lowest grade marijuana’s total THC levels? Maybe that could help the regulators set appropriate regulations.

    Please visit the link below, read the USDA rules, click on the button in the top right that says “Comment Now,” and state you’re opinion.


    Spread the word! Share the links on social media for all farmers and consumers to have their chance to advocate for change.

    Edit: Link to this video…


  5. Somebody needs to blow hemp/cannabis regulations open by growing and selling Hemp Sprouts for salads and nutrition. Similar to alfalfa sprouts have been sold all my life. There will be no cannabinoids. So what now?

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