Harvesting Marijuana: Blue Dream, Lemon OG Haze & Axilla. The FROSTIEST buds we have ever grown!!

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  1. How do you sanitize after the fact including what do you have to dispose for health codes to maintain your licenses? I understand how your chain of custody would go down if it is similar to pharmacy boards. This detail would be useless to so many, but useful to me, for instance if I chose to enter the industry in another state.

  2. I totally love how you Open those Girls Right up!!!! That small tweak gives you guys some Hella good results!!!! Like I said I totally enjoy listening to you, you sound like someone from the movies!!! Well, I suppose you technically are from the movies!!! Especially these incredible Grow Movies you guys are creating!!! And your not even bragging about these girls!!!! Cuz your understating how great your 🌸 flowers look!!!! Damn I need some of that Blu Dream in my life!!!! Good luck with the trimming and curing!! Love to see the finished jarring!!! Peace out Wiz!! Stay frosty and Medicated my dude!!! Cheers!!!

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