Growing Cannabis: Welcome to harvest hell

hempharvest #hemp #growinghemp #cannabis #growingcannabis This week I talk about the struggles of harvesting hemp, and the caterpillars are stronger than …


  1. As early as possible next spring, plant peppermint, sage and lavender all around your hemp as a preventive measure. They all repel caterpillars (and other nasty insects). Once 'pillars, hornworms etc get established and start their breeding process you will never really get rid of them without drastic measures, and by the time you see some you're probably already screwed and it will just keep getting worse. Spraying any pesticide (yes even organics like BT, Neem oil etc) on plants that will be eaten or smoked should always be a last resort.

  2. if they've done that much damage, that means that they were not from last weekend… those have been on there for some time. you must have missed a spray or two earlier in September…

  3. We’re going through 10 straight days of freezing nights here in Oregon. Two days of snow. I’m ready for it. I’m used to it because it freezes almost every night in October. I never lost a plant to a freeze in my 5 years of growing.

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