1. One more thing Kevin, apparently Hexo was calling their "serious happiness" "Blue Dream" to try to fool the conumers it was real "Blue Dream". Anyway word got out and Hexo refused to change the name to something else. So there is a large group of Cannabis users in QC that got pissed about that and boycotted Hexo products for stuff like that they did. All their strains are average and their marketing has been even worse.

  2. But Kevin about Hexo. You are a 100% right they are having big time trouble selling their 3 and halfs with the sqdc. But since OS 28gram product was launched its been sold out online 80% of the time online and only some locations a have it. But all their other strains Helios,ak47, bayou all that nobody is touching here in QC. Yes its 20$ the 3 and half but its avg at best. San Rafael, Grail, Broken Coast have far superior product and people at least in Quebec have been willing to pay more. Those brands go sold out automatic after 2 3 hours online. Too bad you cant speak French kevin there is a guy named weedman on youtube that reviews all the strains at the sqdc in QC and it paints the picture of whats going on in this market in QC. I bought the 28g product of Hexo because im a heavy heavy smoker. I like it for the price its fine, I buy 3 and halfs of the expensive good shit to smoke on the side. Any way supply is the enemy of any commodity and prices will continue to fall in Canada until more market demanded is generated through further legalization, more medical systems being created etc.

  3. I made a ton from acb and moved on, im heave ausa now. But Germany is a potential massive catalyst for ACB yes, and could cause a massive domino affect in Europe if it flips to rec.

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