Gary V investing into Cannabis – RICH TV LIVE – November 2, 2019 – SPECIAL THANKS TO GARY V FOR THESE VIDEOS THIS IS MY REAL HONEST …


  1. Rich your name is going to be big in the cannibus industry one day, but you already know that. I always tell people your vision or imagination is your strongest asset. You my friend have vision. Keep up the good work brother

  2. So taking predictions…………….how high will APHA go on the news tomorrow? Anyone? Got to dump sell on the news, but buy again the dip, cuz earnings around the corner, possibly Nov 11 for ACB! And could be big! ACB is expected to deliver just under 99M so if they over do it by say 1 million its over delivering expectations! Plus they will report as earnings the 86M from TGOD dump! A 50% profit on the TGOD dump could mean FIRST positive quarter for ACB! Wondering if MAX who bought @$6.95 will take profit? I sure will with my shares from small account @$7.20 average!

  3. Lol i hear the Pot Bull Market is Over by Supposed Experts. Ill let people believe that while i Load up on Super Cheap Shares before The Biggest Pot Bull Market Ever The United States !

  4. Put INCB (International Cannabrand) in your watchlist. It is going to run just like POT (Weekend Unlimited Inc). The shorts cannot short the stock for 30 days due to stock symbol change.

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