From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: Keeping the Community Safe…One Raid at a Time!!!

From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: Keeping the Community Safe…One Raid at a Time!!! POT TV – Watch From Under The Influence with Marijuana …


  1. police have no morality they arent human.
    they kill and rape every day and get away with it.
    anyone who has given up their ability to make decisions for themselves lack any moral responsibility, and therefore is immoral.

    the immoral corrupt police have no right to complain to you saying they're upset of what THEY ARE DOING TO YOU. remember that.

  2. It is ironic that an indigenous woman attorneys general (from Vancouver) played such a big role in drafting the Cannabis Act and rambled on endlessly during the parliamentary readings about protecting the youth and protecting the youth. I don't know how that happened. It's such BS politics they were all playing.

  3. Move it to a delivery service obviously <3 Vicki make them pay online and deliver that way they cannot intrap you become a delivery service hire drivers and delivery allow tips and you set Charge a small booking fee and start out small in work your way to bigger enterprise of delivery. By doing this if they arrest the driver they only get the Cannabis they paid for the whole banking thing is soon to be resolved in the United states hopefully so will the problam in Canada. "Overgrow the government – Mark EMERY." We believe in the future…

  4. stand like warriors. get some lawyers and sue their asses………
    wow, from what you are saying about these raiders, man, almost sounds like hitler sending out his nazi guards to hassle folk…..

  5. the community safety unit? what? what a bunch of fucks. raided? why don't they make alcohol against the law like it was at one time cause it is a known hazard to our health and fucking kills people and makes them really really stupid, like driving and drinking alcohol usually winds up in death. raided? WAKE UP YOU RETARDED COUNCILORS AND GROW UP AND LEAVE CANNABIS PEOPLE THE FUCK ALONE and other than that, with that being said, have a nice day and hello from america…..!

  6. They'll NEVER Find The Soul Of Marijuana!

    They found our THC.
    Found them some CBD.
    Then they went cray aye zee.
    They wore hairnets galore.
    They dressed to thrill doc-tor.
    They card swiped every door.
    They had gone mad now.
    They grew pay-per,
    Not pot.
    And the guys who talked,
    They knew investors got
    All hot and bothered.
    When they thought they fathered.
    Something they’d not heard
    Is a Ponzi scheme.

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