FDA Finds Increase Of Seizures Linked To E-Cigarette Use

Via America’s Lawyer: The FDA investigates reports of seizures possibly linked to e-cigarette use, mainly in teens and young adults. Scott Hardy from Top Class …


  1. Wow, you guys just lost my respect, pushing anti-vaping propaganda. This jackass doesn't even know what he is talking about, reading a stupid script and then tossing in 'fruity flavors kids love'. BECAUSE ITS THE CHILDREN!!! Please go fuck yourself.

  2. Leave it to your often bogus class action sniffing to paint the entire vaping industry with much too broad a brush. You talk about the Juul but 99% of your video shows vapers with devices that were popular 3 or 4 years ago. The Juul is currently the rage with some teens because it is stealthy, does not have 95% of the harm of actual tobacco, they enjoy rebelling as many youths do, and Juul was savvy enough to have their product available in gas stations and convenience stores. Would the FDA prefer that teens rebel by purchasing real cigarettes and taking up smoking deadly combustible tobacco products?

  3. Nicotine from smoking a cigarette can cause a seizure if one smokes the cigarette quickly and holds the smoke in the way one does when smoking a joint.. Do not try it.
    I wouldn't doubt this product has the potential to cause the same results if used in a similar way.
    Nicotine is poison.

  4. This is a corporate propaganda war, nothing more. The lobbyists always win, we vapers lose. They just want people to not have any pleasure at all. Pleasure = something to be avoided…”except when we richies do it.” Asshole elitists.

  5. Oh, what a shock. These so-called recreational drugs are all pure poison that corporations like Big Tobacco push on us because they know how addictive they are. All recreational drugs should be made illegal.

  6. You need to change the title to "Seizures linked to Juul" instead of "Seizures linked to E Cigarettes". I expect this propaganda from the msm but not independent media! Disappointing.

  7. Nope! Enough of this anti Vape propaganda! Vaping is supposed to be a healthier alternative to smoking so people can quit. It's the only thing that's working for most smokers. Store owners are doing their part to stop kids from buying and now it's down to parents to do their job with their kids! Stop trying to ruin a good thing. I vape so I don't smoke and I'm healthier than ever! No seizures lol. Sounds like a problem with Juul not Vaping! I guess this is why I'm considered a Libertarian Socialist. I can't stand this helicoptering law making shit! If people want to vape that's their business! Stop trying to make everything illegal. You are probably the type that supports the soda tax and cbd being illegal too!

  8. When did you get this burr up your ass? You do realize who it is that has the most to lose by ecigs being recognized as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco don't you? The corporations that I love to hear you castigate regularly that's who? The pharmaceutical , tobacco, and medical companies that prosper from the cancer and heart disease industry that is America. There is your story. Make better use of your time and ours by pursuing that "follow the money" story. This piece and the last one you did on ecigs just serves the masters you claim to despise.

  9. So, is it Ecigs or is it Juul? And if it is either, what, exactly, is causing it? This "story" has absolutly no answers for us. All they can say is that 35 seizures might be linked to Juul products. Assuming 35 people out of the literal millions that use similar products to Juul seems fairly low and this story seems like scare tactics. You're a freakin lawyer, do your damn research. If you don't, Ill just go back to watching cable news…the anchors are better looking and the info is the same.

  10. Vaping is NOT inhaling plenty of chemicals as some might try to communicate.
    it´s used to inhale medicine in the asthma therapy for decades.
    and as nothing gets burned you don´t have the thousands of toxines, as in cigarette smoke.

  11. Juul is being investigated for its marketing/business model, and its biggest funder Atria are being investigated about its $13billion investment into Juul. Don't let this bullshit scare you!

  12. You had me till you said… "one puff is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes"?!!!! Nahhh man… I don't even vape, I smoke cigarettes, but even I know that is bs! While yes I agree it should be studied, I still think it is most likely a healthier alternative to cigs… but that won't change people's habits… I smoke knowing that it hurts me… thing is it gives me "moments of peace" throughout the day

  13. Vapers: nothing wrong here just normal shit

    Non-vapers: sospslskslalsls nicotine causes mthrfking seizures.

    Lets get something straight this is such bullshit, 35 people over 8 years have had seizures and happened to vape. Give me a break and get this hit piece out of here.

  14. Common sense tells anyone inhaling chemicals into human lungs can't be a good idea. Smoking was promoted for its' health benefits years ago, then the effects of inhaling crap was a bad idea. So many people are making their own liquids or selling them… Who knows what is in them.
    I see someone smoking and I see an idiot who thinks they're invincible.
    I see someone vaping and I see an adult sucking on their thumb, and or on a dummy/pacifier. I think it looks ridiculous, just suck it up buttercup, be an adult and stop doing something so wreck less. I hear people all the time saying they would do anything for their kids, while smoking next to them, in the car, over a pram or as I saw last week a woman pushing a twin pram, then a baby on her front in a carrier… She was 'thoughtfully' sharing the chemicals from her cigarette with them.

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