Essential oil diffuser: Healthy alternative to vaping?

The argument regarding the use of e-cigarettes and vaping, and if they are safe, seems to be an ongoing issue. Now, some are turning to essential oil diffusers.


  1. Prohibiting-and-propagating against the new-and-improved/latest-and-greatest/newest-and-bestest (new cutting-edge high-tech) that has supplanted-and-superseded the old-and-grey (old low-tech) will change nothing.

    Banning/out-lawing (prohibiting) the white-market will just create a black-market, where all blue-collar/black-collar organised yet criminalised capitalists run the show.

    Spirits, some (half) wines, herbal smoking, probably herbal vaping, meat-and-egg and petroleum are all unhealthy (with meat-and-egg and by an evolved-and-expanded definition, petroleum being immoral-and-unethical, cause its suicide versus homicide).

    However, cider/perry (even cocktails, alcopops, craft beer, fruit wine), liquid vaping, dabbing, dairy (as an intermediate to soy), nuclear (as an intermediate to renewables) has supplanted-and-superseded (replaced) spirits, herbal smoking, herbal vaping, meat-and-egg and petroleum

  2. Lol no tobaccco. Guess what there is no tobacco in vapes. They don't say whats in this oil. And if there is no nicotine in it its no alternative for smokers who would like to quit

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