Easiest Multi-Plant DIY Deep Water Culture (DWC) Bin-Tote

Do It Yourself Multi-Plant Hydroponics Bin/Tote Gary from PA Hydroponics continues his instructional video series by walking you through how to build a …


  1. * I forgot to mention the top of this is yellow and can let light thru so maybe put a piece of foil over it to block the light from growing algae if you have big lights. * Thanks for watching! Gary

  2. Can you do an aeroponic? I did a 5 gal bucket with with a ~350gph pump ($15) to a standard 360 degree 'shrub' lawn sprayer ($2) with 6 2" net pots with foam 'clone collars' and 1.5" rock wool . Using it to clone, so I have 2 gallons of clone solution going on 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off cycle. Looking for your knowledge and expertise.

  3. Gary, have you done any experimenting with the Dewey Mister? instead of air stones AND I used some of your level indicators to build a system they worked great. what if you wanted to put a small fan /radiator somewhere in series with the pump to cool the water? how would you do it? Add a small second pump or somehow stick it in the line with the existing one? its a 5 inch radiator with a 110VAC 5 inch fan on it but 3/8th barb hose fittings so its smaller throughput. Thanks for your Videos!

  4. Nice job Gary, i built one and tried it as a RDWC. Worked great but my problem was keeping the water from getting warm. I believe i asked you about it and what i came up with was to put a timer on the water pump. Which worked ok. Do you Have a good idea on keeping the water cool? Thanks Gary and love the videos!!

  5. Very nice and informative video appreciate you taking the time to show us.. definitely going to give this a try in the future 👍💯 if I could just have you build me one lol cheers bro

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