Dr. Sebi : The Cure | Full Documentary Video Compilation by M.J. Harrell

Dr. Sebi : The Cure | Full Documentary by: M.J. Harrell of Film School Dropouts Ent. IG: …


  1. Dr.sebi's greatest tool is misdirection. He doesn't really want people to find out his tools so he misleads people one way. Now when you came to him he healed you and tells you you were doing it wrong. Which you were because he doesn't tell you the real herbs he uses. Yes burdock root is a good blood cleanser. But manjishta is a more powerful blood and lymph cleanser. And it wasn't a mexican doctor that showed him either. It was an Indian doctor. Misdirection…

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  3. I would like some help with this please… I feel nothing but truth come from Dr.Sebi but i struggle with looking at how we were meant to eat in terms of looking into our ancestors etc. How exactly is meat off the menu in this regard for our health? It seems to be just obvious we have always eat meat for survival ( big feed keeps ya going longer ) and sleeping, resting 'fasting' it off until the next hunt. Combining hunting and foraging. Also i looked into the snake diet which has some amazing results but it's a carnivore diet basically with the primary focus being on fasting for health. I really don't know what to do with this and have eat meat my whole life. Also, the foods where we are from being optimally compatible with ourselves, I would be off the Norse/Irish ancestry, the nuances in potential difference for myself to the African bio compatible herbs and the like. would love to talk to someone regarding this kinda stuff.

  4. Dr. Sebi, in my opinion, is a stepping stone to the gateway of optimal health. He wasn't all-knowing but he was brilliant in his own way. Thus, instead of being a critic, try taking from his message what can help you. I truly believe that herbs are the best way to optimal health. Thank you Dr. (Teacher) Sebi for your sharing of such wonderful information.

  5. Thank you so much for this video 💯🙏. Please be patient with other people who are too stuck on their old ways. God planted the seeds lisa, sebi , nipsey, sebi's family and all the other alkaline plant based people , we cannot be stopped. Im so grateful for this man and his persistent to keeping up the fight.

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  7. I hope u all are doing your part which is the easiest thing we all can do.. SHARE THIS VIDEO and try your best to change your diet 🌱 as alkaline as possible is best but it’s understandable if u don’t have the access to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables grains etc just do your best

  8. Theres ONLY ONE disease && it's MUCUS~ cleansing and self therapy ~ no starch no blood (meat) ~ all NATURAL herbs is the cure! Hot water is the best breakfast for the morning! 40 days 40 nights~ or the 90 day cleansing …~this is beside the video Jamaica Gold on social pages … I need new friends

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