Double Dose Chocolate Marijuana Brownies (Strong Weed Brownies): Cannabasics #48

Welcome to Cannabasics, today we learn how to make Double Dose Chocolate Marijuana Brownies. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: …


  1. I made some of your brownies today. I used about 40 grams of buds in 500 grams of butter. 6.5 hours of simmering down.
    I followed your recipe and for the icing as well. It works great ! A friend and I had some and are still smsshed 22 hours later! !!. Thanks man !

  2. This dude makes everything so much more complicated then it usually take with all these expensive gadgets!!!! All you’ll need is some butter and a working stove a pot and a thing to stir the butter with every now and then that’s it oh and a cheese clothe or a strainer

  3. Yea thanks by telling people 350 degrees ypur essentually having everyone burn all the thc off their bud making thus video a tutorial on how to make really expensive brownies

  4. so if i put an ounce into 1 pound of butter will tha5t be stron or light or medium? like im trying to make a 12 inch squar brownie with each bite being like a 300mg edible so how much weed i needa put into this someone help this trial and error method is becoming expensive

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