Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?

The evidence linking cannabis use to psychotic disorders is considered strong enough to warrant a public health warning. Get the preface for Dr. Greger’s …


  1. Yes, Marijuana causes Psychosis in some susceptible people in the population

    I don't partake because it removes all Empathy, that I may have, for other humans, and I start to wonder what their

    facial expressions look like when I introduce a claw hammer to their brains

    Not a normal thought ………….so i don't partake ! So I am one such susceptible person, from a personal vantage point

  2. ADHD is the most dangerous of Mental Disorders, because you look Normal, but are unable to think rationally, see Donald J Trump

    Although cognitively damaged, others will allow you to ascend to positions of power and authority over millions

    You discount the prospective future outcomes to have Zero value, so you use Nukes on your enemies, and start WW3; your
    main concern being whats for Diner
    Among other things !

    Schizophrenia is the most damaging Mental disorder on an Individual level, but you have little ability to cause the deaths of

    many more people, because nobody lets you get entitled to any power as your seen as "crazy" !

  3. Several things can be true at the same time.
    You should be legally allowed to use drugs, but you shouldn't actually use drugs.
    Cannabis could contribute to schizophrenia, but schizophrenia rates could be declining as Cannabis use increases, because there are other potentially contributing factors that explain why schizophrenia rates are decreasing.

  4. You can’t become “addicted “ to cannabis. It’s not possible to be physiologically addicted to it. So that last statement is completely false and this whole video is filled with contradictions. The more likely problem is Dr’s and big pharma want to put young kids on drugs because they can’t sit still in class. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years. Not just since the 60’s. Lol.

  5. I think I’m going crazy. I’ve been having auditory hallucinations and I keep walking to places for no apparent reason. Idk if I just forget what I’m going for or what but I’m going crazy. Maybe I should quit smoking lol.

  6. Didnt talk about have grower spray (not fit for human consumption florist grade pesticides on the crops) due to non regulated farming practices aka illegality of it

    And also the fact that smokers often do end up calorie restricting that can break the mind and add extra stress leading to or setting off schizophrenia

    White rice, durum pasta and table sugar for vegans who are failing at getting calories ya nut munching oil guzzlers ;P xox

  7. I don't think pot causes Schizophrenia, i think it awakens suppressed memories, and the scarier those memories are the higher the risk of psychosis. I think legalising this drug is a very bad idea for that reason, who would know if they had suppressed memories until it's too late?
    I heard an interview once with an ex freemason who revealed that one of the strict rules of being in any secret society was that they were never to smoke pot because it breaks down the walls between their secret life and there everyday life making it impossible to keep the two separate. being an ex smoker myself i can attest that this is true and its what causes paranoia. Paranoia arose when all my separate worlds became one, i no longer knew how to act around the people i was with and i believed they could tell i was a fraud. Now with THC levels increasing dramatically and CBD levels falling this will only increase this effect in people i believe.

    its a very dangerous drug and should never be smoked unless you have a clear understanding of how the world works and your place in it.

  8. Try to go for high cbd strains.
    Also if you are looking to use MJ as a drug take a shamanic approach and set an intention to heal or whatever you need. It will change your high, they may not all be chill because youre asking for the shadow and repressed emotions and feelongs to come forth so just be aware.

  9. I've smoked pot every day for 40 years.. I have a great career, great life… Dr Greger, I usually love your stuff, but youre out to lunch on this subject… some of your videos seems like they are straight out of a Reefer Madness trailer… selective research youre reading on this one…

  10. All the people who claim weed is "safe" really need to stop and look at the science. A doubling of psychosis is huge. There aren't many substances that can double your risk, so why not take this seriously?

  11. Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders are a very complex problem in the brain which would almost never come from a single cause…..just like other problems in the brain there are so many factors to take into account…

    …it doesn't surprise me AT ALL as a recovering psychotic that cannabis use and schizophrenia have an association…..those who use are way more likely to reject society's norms and seek creative and alternative ways of thinking but there is a price you mist pay for straying away from norms of thinking…

    ….the norms are normal for a reason: it makes it easier to comprehend what you think about and to accomplish what you are trying to acomplish…

    ….psychotics are often frustrated minds who began to think in different ways than what they were taught to and began to try and a complish different things than what they were taught to…..but it's so easy to lose control over your own mind

    ….other people simply lose control even though they were seemingly "normal" because they perhaps had louder voices in their head than other "normal" people. Everyone has "voices" in their head but most people never have to label any of these voices as "foreign".

  12. good video, but maybe avoid using "going crazy" to describe someone with a mental illness, that can be really hurtful, and just made you sound much less credible — just a tip for the future.

  13. The torment of paranoia with daily screaming degrading voices is soooo awful. Patient and family are impacted forever by the illness. It is to be avoided in every way possible. This means no use until 21 and no use at all if predisposed to the illness !

  14. This is why it’s so important to keep it out of public spaces when it’s legalized. Give people rights over what they put in their own bodies! Some people have terrible reactions to it, including me.

  15. Talking about schizophrenia they have elevated dopamine levels in there brain and dopamine drugs also increase the risk of psychosis! Is elevated dopamine a bad thing or just a correlation?

  16. My friend Matthew (mid 20s) was going to school to be a brain surgeon. Before he tragically died he cried about the regret of ever starting smoking pot. He said it exasperated his anxiety beyond any coping skill he was able to learn with easing the pain. He tried to dull the psychosis with Xanax. One dreadful
    evening he took a few extra Xanax, lost his balance on his basement steps and busted his skull open. His brain swelled and he was pronounced "brain dead" one week later. Everyday we all watched him die in an ironic way. Life support was removed on day 9. When the "plug was pulled" he did not die peacefully and gracefully like we all had imagined. Not like the movies at all. That day is forever imprinted in my brain. His body raised up, flailed, and contorted like nothing I ever witnessed. He sprayed a vile green mucous on us we were all screaming, even the med staff was flannergasted and freaked out. Everyone was panicking and crawling out of their skin because it seemed like it took and eternity for his body to stop writhing and just let go. I wish i could redo that day and spare myself trauma of watching such a demented scene.

    Moral of story- please don't not self medicate and death is not pretty. Most importantly, find Jesus while you have the chance!
    God bless you.

  17. Cannabis contributed to extreme anxiety and depression. I have tried to reintroduce it several times over the years and the mental side effects were debilitating. I have found Jesus and no longer have a "need for weed". Praise God!

  18. Dr. Greger has consistently done negative videos about cannabis. Wonder why? I don't see him doing videos about meth, heroin, coke, or any other pharmaceutical drugs so why cannabis?? It makes me wonder if he has any pharma connections. Cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle just like being a vegan is healthy. If you don't like cannabis or think it will cause you psychosis (big pharma paid for that study) then it's really simple. DON'T ingest cannabis.

  19. If you set an intention every time before you smoke, you will have a beautiful experience. There is a spirit of Marijuana and she is to be respected. If you abuse her, you'll get her negative traits. Overuse is misuse.

  20. A good friend of mine was a heavy user, and ended up with extreme paranoid delusions including seeing and hearing things that were not there, etc. Very very scary. We ended up in the ER & then the state mental hospital, they were given anti-anxiety meds, came down to earth, and then decided to smoke a little when they got back home about 4 days later. The delusions and all symptoms immediately returned within minutes of smoking. Luckily I knew how to handle it and we got through it, then immediately threw out all the weed.

    It's definitely not the "root" cause (trauma is, as for most psychological issues), but weed is definitely a powerful trigger for my friend. If you're a "sensitive" person, be very careful with the stuff, esp with the new strains that are very powerful. As with diet, try to introduce healthier sources of endorphins like exercise/movement (e.g. resistance training, dancing, yoga, etc) if at all possible. <3 <3

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