Deep Water Culture Seed to Harvest Timelapse Grow

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for …


  1. It could be quite possible that Root Rot started in the upper portion of the root zone in the hydroton , because the epicenter of the Roots is Typicaly massive and like lumps , examples are in my Youtube Channels videos . Its better acomplished with rockwool delta 4in cubes

  2. Topped it so much, so early, that all the tips are all on top of each other anyway… Try bending the main top over and you would have the same amount of tops in half the time. It hated that early tipping, it stalled for almost a week

  3. Horrible fucking video. Anyone wanting to learn should not follow you. You didn’t PH your water. You didn’t let your plants mature. You didn’t do shit besides top. What a waste of electricity and money you spent on shit. Smh

  4. Hi! I am about to start a dwc system, but I opted to include a reservoir. I did because I was afraid of just a DWC single bucket system… my understanding is that having a reservoir and a water running on a circuit would be rather beneficial . Is this so? thanks for your videos!

  5. Hey, im wondering, your water level, do you vary it? Could you automated the filling process by adding a fix volume of water or that would not work because of root mass? Like could you keep the water level to 3/4 for the full growth cycle?

  6. What a garbage yield. Its becuase you didnt change your reservoir also you didnt flush with plain water your lack of PH balancing shows in your small yield but your quality suffered massive due to bad ph and lack of fresh water changes.

  7. nice but at 8:23 I see the first sign of Russet Mites, might be nute burn but I think Russet Mites! so check then with a microscope to rule them out. I've been a Grower for over 40 years so what would I know?

  8. Very bad grow guide. Please do not do what this video says. There are many other grow guides with much better advice. I would never smoke what came from this grow.

  9. I’m starting my RDWC system here very soon. Seeds have germinated and are about to be transplanted into the hydraton. Can’t wait to see what the future beholds!

  10. I am omg one of your biggest fans and you have for sure taught me so much. Thank you please please do just one video of some of your flower upclose and do you have any good brand lights i could look into ?

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