Crumble Crumble … The New THC Crumble by Trulieve

The new line of Crumble by the leading dispensary in central Florida Trulieve is amazing. Watch as I dab myself some and we get a better look at what Crumble …


  1. What are ur thoughts on smokable leaf finally getting passed in Florida? How can a DR prescribe so many days /weeks worth? Just curious. Florida laws suck 🤬🤑

  2. i have an appt in a few days with the mj doctor. im so excited. i moved from the dc area (recreational laws) to the orlando area 7 months ago. its been hard i havent had the $ to go through the whole process. so im living through you right now! yessss

  3. Been checking out pretty much every review that I could find over the last week or so. I'm currently waiting on my email to come through so that I can get to the dispensary. It should be this week some time. However, I've been looking at pretty much every option available, and I could use some advice. Anyone can feel free to chime in on this. I was not a heavy cannabis user at any period before receiving my card, and had only used a handful of times. I had smoked flower through a tiny one-hitter, and was mainly using an indica (I think) to help me sleep. I'm currently looking at the cartridge products from trulieve. My question is, for someone with basically zero tolerance, are the cartridge products worth the price considering I'll probably only need one to two hits to get the results that I need.

  4. Hey man I was wondering about the effects of the sour diesel crumble I'm wanting a really intense head high and to have a happy high, does sour disel provide me this?

  5. I was NOT impressed by the crumble. Potency was only 78% and the effects faded fast. The crumble melted partly and it was difficult to get off bottom of container.

    As far as bongs, dab rigs, etc. Fuck that. I use the concentrate because I can vape it and don't need a rig to get a dose. If I am out and about I can vape without needing a rig. Concentrates are usually stronger than the crumble. Im vaping stuff that is 85 to 90 % THC in a ccell cart powered by a Mystica VV.

  6. VidaCann just opened up right down the road from me, and it’s my new favorite dispensary. Their flower and concentrate is the best I’ve ever had from any dispensary here in Florida. It’s called Duct Tape. Their jar concentrate is Indica, Pck (Pakistani Chitral Kush). This stuff is so potent I only need a few hits daily, and I don’t have to ration anymore.

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