1. Thank you for this video Francis…

    As someone who identifies as Bisexual, the most annoying and/or hurtful thing I've been told is "You cant possibly be bi! You've only had relationships with women!" or "how can you be bi if you've never had a sexual experience with a man!".

    I'm a shy guy who doesnt hop into relationships. Never had. That's not me, I'm just so awkward. I grew up in a religious house that always put down anything non-straight, and didnt realize/admit to myself I was bi until I was with my ex-girlfriend and had done a lot of mental gymnastics, remembering crushes and even sexual attraction to both boys & girls in my childhood and teen years.

    I've never had sex with a man, yet in my private time I find myself looking at both gay and straight porn/erotica. I've gotten boners from MANY guys. I'm attracted to both in different ways that I cant even explain…

    I am more EMOTIONALLY attracted to women, at least at the moment, but I have openly told my current girlfriend, who I love to death, that if something ever happened to her I probably would only be able to date a guy.

    IDK, it's a journey. Lying to myself for 18 years certainly didnt help.

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