CBD OIL BENEFITS FOR ANXIETY | 1 YEAR Using CBD Every Day! Anxiety & Pain Relief!

I’ve been using CBD oil every day for over 1 year and here is my experience and benefits from using it! It’s helped with Daily anxiety, anxiety attacks, ADHD, …


  1. Thank you for recommending Soul CBD! I’ve been using it since June and I’m noticing improvements in my health everyday! I just ordered the new Strawberry Gummies! 😋💗🍓

  2. I have asperger syndrome and ADHD. CBD works better than all the other official medicine i have used before. CBD It is also nice because it is cheaper than the ADHD/ autism medication overhere. When i use CBD i don't have any negative side effects or down feeling afterwards wich the other meds did gave me. I don't need any medication anymore.. THANK GOD 🙂 but when i have a realy bad day i'm happy i have CBD at home to calm me down/ make me more seccure about myself/ make me sleep faster and better.

    .. oh and it also helps me with my back pain and makes my skin and hair look more healthy too 🙂

  3. Yes I will give this a try 👍🏾I have all said symptoms as well as a very nervous stomach. I usually have to sit with a heating pad on my stomach just to relax. So Soul May be a great product for me. Thx for the reminder. 😃👍🏾✌️❤️

  4. You sure turned out to be a beautiful person… in all ways. Thanks for sharing what you go through. I’ve been dealing with it all my life. Fell into drugs and alcohol to deal with it… now I’m 37 and trying to face sober life. It’s been a battle. Thanks for posting what you do.. it’s like therapy or a support group, with a pretty face

  5. Love this video 😩 I have adhd too! And this fall i recently went back to school and my anxiety levels have gone through the roof, it’s caused my insomnia to worsen. I have tried cbd once, and it did help but I just never bought it again. But ive never had anxiety this bad. Still get performance anxiety it’s so weird I find even hard to answer a question in class and I’m in college! But I feel like it’s stems from the undiagnosed adhd as a kid, adult always thinking your not trying or your “lazy” or your talking to much

  6. I ordered the 500mg bottle and it only lasted less than 3 weeks and its so pricey even with a code, it wasn't enough time to really tell whether it helped me or not

  7. I’ve learned that cbd oil helps me with nausea and keeping me healthy, a vape 3:1 kills nausea and anxiety instantly for me but not always stopping a panic attack. The gummies work amazing for everything. I have to cut my gummies into quarters because half of one would make me tired and dizzy, but 1/4 is perfect and lasts 5 hours for me. Every once in a while it’s not enough due to pms and I take a kratom and everything in my life is good.

  8. Annie, 🤗
    Love your channel soo much💜… Huge Hugs !! You are a very relatable person… I always look forward to your new vids… Thank you for all you do and thank you for sharing Soul CBD with us… Just used your code and got me some yesterday … Super excited !!
     Does anyone know if CBD works for back pain ??😔 Just curious…
    I was sold on helping anxiety… I also deal with stage fright so bad I could NEVER give a presentation, your story is very inspiring Annie… Thanks again …👍😍

    [email protected]

  9. Those of us with anxiety are better off avoiding THC all together. I will never touch marijuana again after I had a major panic attack the last time I smoked like 11 years ago. So thankful for CBD oil, it helps my depression and anxiety immensely. But I do avoid that THC all together, I find it can have the opposite effect on many of us who suffer from anxiety! Just a heads up for those thinking of trying it with THC.

  10. I needed this video..! actually I think anxiety & trauma are the causes of ADHD, and of lots of other problems.. I 'll check if Soul can ship in my country..so happy you are in  this stage of peacefulness in your life! your delivering of physical symptoms of anxiety is dead on! In the long run it has caused me an autoimmune illness too.. have a nice wknd!

  11. Sadly being in the military this would never be something I could take because all CBD products are banned from use even if there’s no THC in it. Wish that wasn’t the case, because I know it could help a lot of people.

  12. I would really to test but it does not ship in my country 😭
    Édit: (i thought it was not legal here but…😁) CBD is now legal, but not THC so soon I hope Soul can ship here

  13. I totally ditto, ditto you Mrs Annie… I have ADHA/ADD and deal with anxiety… I just try and burn through the energy productively, but that is easier said than done. Sometimes it gets too much and I have to take a muscle relaxer. I've heard of CBD, but I've never tried it. I wasn't sure if it would help me with my ADHD? I'll have to check it out and see how it works. Also, I use to have anxiety really bad about 3 years ago and would have really bad anxiety attacks… it would feel like I was going to die… the tightness in the chest and throat was awful. I use to cope with it by smoking bud and that really help me, but it left me feeling way too tired to do anything else. Anyways love your vid and I'll check out that CBD, thanks for sharing your awesomeness 🔥🔥🔥✌

  14. I need to Use this because I have Anxiety just found out about it 😔😔😔😔😔😔. In my. Mid Early 20 I’m 22 years old I’m having trouble sleeping at nite I have a disability and a heart Issue and my chest hurt At nite

  15. This is a good content Annie. Also I am trying to spread the word because I'm doing a fundraiser/donation for the Bass Amplifier. Not just only for me but for my band that I joined because the band that I joined does not have a bass amp. I need help by the way. Amps are very expensive.

  16. I love your videos and have been a subscriber for a long while now. I also suffer from social anxiety. However, be a little careful with statements like "your body just uses what it needs and you could drink an entire bottle." CBD affects the cytochrome P450 system. So it may interfere with other medication, or cause liver damage at very high doses. Always check in with your doctor. 🙂

  17. I started using cbd a couple weeks ago also to help with sleep and honestly it knocks me out just like melatonin does except I don’t feel as groggy after using it like I do with melatonin

  18. Never tried CBD, but does it benefit being taken on occasions where stress is high? Im usually even keel, but nothing's better than a sense of calm during inevitable stressful times. I see u take it as part of daily routine, but can it still be beneficial if taken more sparingly? Just wondering. And again, Annie, love ur videos. They always make me smile!😃

  19. Hey Annie, I’m a brand new subscriber of yours and I’m so happy I found your channel. I ordered my first batch of CBD oil yesterday from Soul and I’m super excited to try it. I have really bad OCD and anxiety and I hope it helps.

  20. I’m gonna try this. I haven’t had panic attacks in years, but I do suffer from this persistent worrying feeling that I feel like is following me everywhere. It’s just this general fear that I feel all the time. It sucks

  21. I don’t know how to describe my anxiety attacks. It’s kinda like that feeling you get when you get jump scared, but I stay in that split moment of dread, and fear. It’s like my body is in flight mode, like my life is in danger, like I’m about to die. My heart races, I feel nauseous and sometimes I gag/vomit until it’s over. It’s very much centered in my chest and stomach. I literally have to like take off any tight clothing, especially my pants, shoes and socks for some reason, and when it’s over I’m so exhausted. Like I worked out for an hour. It sucks, and worse, my family doesn’t understand or support me taking medication to regulate it. It got so bad to a point I didn’t leave my room, eat, hardly drank water for a week straight. My sister had to force me to see a doctor and I just broke down. I felt so stupid! But looking back, I know it’s something many people go through, so I’m not ashamed anymore. I love cbd oil in place of my lorazepam for mild anxiety and insomnia. I use happy hippo herbals it’s 100% thc free as well. I’m so happy to see it has become more popular and accepted!

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