Cannabis News – One Voice, One Vote | Ep. 400 | 05-17-2019

Joe Klare discusses lawmakers wanting moire retail shops in California, what Michiganders think about legalization and an update on medical cannabis …


  1. I so want to say one reason it is so hard to legalize cannabis is because many people …..are making a buck…. keeping it illegal. OMG there is bucks to be made no matter what, legal or illegal there is bucks to be made. Persionaly I would rather the "bucks be made" through opening dispensaries than through private prisons.

  2. they seem to be acting like paid actors. maybe they are. they need to decriminalize all drugs like Mexico is doing. Puerto Vaierta here i come. lol. everybody is on 5 or more drugs already. what's another 5 or so? its nothing. one pill raises the blood pressure another one lowers it.."one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small go ask Alice when your 10 feet tall." I had fantastic results with cancer when i smoked pot. I never got any cancer. There's proof right there. I dont smoke weed anymore because these asshole here in Iowa want to lock people up for 6 months for weed or cbd. I hate they're fucking guts! All them Polaticians can kiss my ass and go to HELL.

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