1. That is awesome! Thank you for helping that man. Personally, it think it was more the coconut oil than the THC. Coconut oil has many regenerative properties, but THC is a great pain inhibitor and is especially known to help cancer patients manage their pain. I have used it as a pain inhibitor myself on many occasions , Most notably, I once burned my arm from my hand to my elbow and just one puff from a joint and the pain literally disappeared. I'm glad you could help that man, give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

  2. Here we need an insert on the dutch dr hamer, and his psychological manifestion of cancerous anger, and the premise goes that if it is healed at that stage, then it doesnt necessary progress to the body. xxx

  3. Here is what I pasted on bitchute, but was instantly deleted as it was considered spam – fasting can also cure cancer, and many other conditions, as the body can heal itself – if it is given a chance.

  4. If i get cancer max im writing to you brother with your permission . Im hard you at times but on this issue you are my witch doctor of my tribe. Well done max be very proud. Peace to you sir.

  5. Bloody hell max. Nice work mate. I can see in old mates face not only the cancer is gone but so is the stress. I use to smoke cannabis for years. Kept me mellow and unstressed. In my younger years I was a bit fiery and volatile. Without pot if someone had a go at me it was on. With pot I'd ignore and walk away wherever I could. I don't smoke anymore because of the driving swabs and strict grow laws… i don't fight anymore but do miss having a joint in my own house

  6. Interesting.
    Recently I watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2kwyVSaDs8 on The Anarchast, where Kingsley Edwards from Flote.app towards the end of the interview tells the story about his grandfather being healed from facial cancer thru the application of Rick Simpson's hemp oil. The photoes used are identical and the story is somewhat similar, but he does not mention Max Igan, so I wonder if this is really the same story being told from different angles or something fishy is going on..???
    Best wishes

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