Canadian Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 2/8/2019 by

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  1. Love your videos, watch them everyday! I have continued to hold my positions in Emblem, tgod, nameste and newstrike, and boy was that a bad idea! now faced with the decision this week of either I take a small loss and wait for the blood bath to be over or hold on for dear life. although im sure theres gonna be plenty of good bounces to be had but hard when you own and operate a small construction company. anyone feel like giving me their 2 cents?

  2. My concern is OGI today. I looked at the hourly, but should have looked at the weekly. time frame. As a trader, Averaging down wasn't exactly the best move for me, and I'll be watching out for further consolidation.

  3. Great insight Dan, been watching your videos for a long time. Always thought nothing of the farming videos at the end of the main TA video, had know idea you live and work on a farm. Keep living the dream buddy!

  4. Do you know Thorne Finance? He is another TAer that does mj stocks and general market/commodities…he watches your videos daily and speaks very highly of you in his videos

  5. Thank you for these videos and ALL the commentary with explanations as simply as you Express them for us, is a great skill and art! Ill be back on your site to support you more directly (and of course learn more for myself!) 🙏

  6. The interm CEO for Namaste sent out a letter today to investor's regarding the current state of the company. Clearly eased some concern thus the strong move up. Cheers and thanks. Still holding some puts on CRON

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