Canadian Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 11/15/2019 by

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  1. There were CGC downgrades over weekend from 2 analysts, it is 3rd day since earnings so it's mostly priced in IMO, + 4 red days before earnings, if we flush Monday morning, I'm starting to scale in for that oversold daily bounce to get underway.

  2. Problem with the CGC TSLA comparison is CGC has no ceo. The management seems ttly clueless. CGC is more like WeWork if anything but Constellation aint throwing anymore money into it.

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  4. No, you're not crazy, seems like the same things I've been hearing from for for months and you've been right thus far.

    I've been having fun snagging some filthy cheap calendar call spreads, hopefully I don't get assigned 🤞 But even if I do, it's so cheap right now it probably wouldn't matter 😂

  5. I rather put my money in US MJ… Canadian sector to a total disaster.. US MJ is trading at a massive discount and has much more upside and hype.. the markets are so much bigger with so much less regulation.. US companies selling retail.. Canadian companies are selling wholesale

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